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2008 Projects

Thompson Ditch Interceptor

SubContractor for B & T Excavating: S T Construction

Job Description: Road Reconstruction

 Edgewood Grove Phase IIIA




" Having used the services of ST Construction previously at my business and at my home, I was encouraged when they were repeatedly the bidder chosen during my time at the City of Terre Haute.  The ability to please a single customer is admirable.  But when one is required to work in a municipal right of way there are hundreds of customers to please.  Every contagious landowner is impacted and needs to be assured that the work will be done in a professional and appropriate manner.  Whether the work was a part of our multi million dollar sidewalk program or the rebuilding of an entire neighborhood, like the Edgewood Grove Project, ST Construction made sure every project was a success."

Kevin D. Burke--Former Mayor Terre Haute



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